Tuesday, 19 January 2016

WEF Secondees

So, the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos is about to start. As this means our WEF assignments are almost over, Bain & Company posted short profiles of my colleague Lyu and myself on their website.

Lyu is working on Future of Electricity:
"The Future of Electricity 2016 focuses on how to improve investment attractiveness of power markets in fast-growing countries. The countries need to attract $13 trillion of capital to power sector between 2015 and 2040 to be able to serve enormous new demand for electricity as their economies grow. During the assignment, the team developed eight recommendations for improving investment attractiveness of power markets in fast-growing economies that will help them to achieve social and economic objectives, including universal access to reliable affordable power and environment sustainability."
... and his take on the WEF is:
"Managing the Future of Electricity project in the World Economic Forum was invaluable experience. It combines in-depth industry analysis, its implications for the world and interaction with key stakeholders that shape global agenda in power: CEOs, other senior executives and policy makers. It was also very enjoyable to work side by side with people that live by the Forum's motto – 'To improve the state of the world.'"

My project has been looking at the "Future of Healthy":
"In the first year, the project established "Maximizing Healthy Life Years" as the new currency of economic prosperity and demonstrated that health can yield a positive ROI. The second year of the project focused on how to align multiple stakeholders across sectors and how to set up the right incentives for investments in health. "Ecosystems of Health," which are specific to a particular "Return on Health," align health value with economic value and are set up by shaping markets and supply chains accordingly. These systems harness the forces of demand and supply to improve health of individuals and populations, while also delivering a positive return on investment."
... and I also thought it was a great experience:
"The work at the World Economic Forum was an exciting opportunity to pursue my interest in healthcare. It also allowed me to link my work at Bain, focused at the business side of health, with the work around systemic change that I did for the English National Health Service prior to joining Bain. Being part of the Forum brought me in contact with some of the most inspiring people and working with global leaders really allowed me to have an impact on the global agenda. I truly believe that a problem on the scale of non-communicable disease can only be solved by collaborative action of stakeholders and by harnessing market forces."

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