Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thesis Writing

You might have seen my new posts - and perhaps wondered about my long silence. I started this blog to spread some of the ideas developed during my PhD (and hopefully obtain some feedback) until I get the chance to write them up as "proper" journal papers. The reason why I have been silent for so long was that I actually worked on writing up my PhD thesis. And indeed I now have a first draft (hurrah) and am right now waiting for the verdict from my supervisors .... To pass the time I went to the very interesting "Making health care safer" conference in Scotland. I already started to post about it - and will try to write more over the next couple of days :)

Also now all my thoughts about my PhD work are nicely ordered, I will have some more stuff to blog about in the coming weeks and I also have become really interested in the past year in the relationship between healthcare services and developmental work - so watch this space :)

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